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About päsCHer

päsCHer? Many question it, who or what is it? And honestly… there’s no one correct answer. päsCHer is how you walk, how you talk, or how one carries or conducts themselves among others. It’s your approach or attitude. päsCHer is the pronunciation of the French influenced word posture, originated in the late 16th century. Creative thinking, individuality, and elegance are some of the many characteristics that make up what we like to call “päsCHer.”
Here at päsCHer, we pride ourselves on being a stand-up brand. Quality is important; each piece of clothing is handmade with care to ensure we give you the best quality. The line is a representation of the spinal cord and reminder to carry yourself with päsCHer.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to fix your päsCHer.
— Bradley Coleman

A Letter from the CEO

Executive Team