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A Letter from the CEO:

I thank God each day for blessing us with the strength, to turn our tragedy into purpose…

On July 10, 2022, our lives changed drastically!  At approximately 12:17 pm, our Dearly Beloved Son, Bradley Lamar Coleman was at a local Quik Trip gas station in Norcross, Georgia pumping air into his tire, when three individuals attempted to car jack him, ultimately leading to the MURDER of our Son.  Surely, Bradley didn’t deserve this, he was in an area where he perceived was a safe environment!  THIS “SENSELESS ACT OF GUN VIOLENCE, THAT WAS ULTIMATELY RELATED TO GANG INVOLVEMENT & GANG STATUS ACTIVITY has left my husband and I without our Son & his young daughter without her Father…  

My husband & I have been dealing with a lot since the murder of our son. Life has been very difficult since losing Bradley. The people who murdered him not only took him from us, but they also took a piece of our hearts.  However, this is not the end of Bradley’s story! His Legacy will live forever… 

Bradley was ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING THAT WE WANTED IN A SON!  He was a BEACON OF LIGHT! An Awesome Father, Son, Brother, Mentor, An Educator-who taught children that transitioned out of the jail system back into society! HE was A Coach, Entrepreneur, Role Model, Motivator, Teammate, Counselor, Activist, Community Leader & the most amazing thing about OUR Bradley, HE WAS A GIVER WITH A GREAT-BIG HEART!  This was one of the reasons, he started his clothing brand “PASCHER COLLECTION.”  Bradley wanted “PASCHER” to represent “how you walk, how you talk and how you carry yourself, determines your posture in life.”   It was HIS desire to use his company to be a blessing to others. His heart was to serve and be a blessing to EVERYONE AROUND HIM. 

Bradley was also an amazing community leader, who prided himself in supporting the youth & the community! He was an ordinary man, who did Extraordinary Things! To keep his legacy alive, several foundations have been created from this tragedy! We have created “The Bradley L. Coleman Legacy Scholarship Foundation, to help High School Athletes, who are headed to college and may need help with tuition, books, housing, etc. This foundation is sponsored by the Community Foundation Northeast Georgia.   We’ve also created another foundation, that allows us to be a blessing to parents, who have been affective by senseless acts of gun violence against their child. We have donated several monetary gifts, flowers, cards and have given inspirational words of encouragement and prayers to those parents. Our goal in life is to honor our son, by keeping his legacy alive & continuing to sow good in others.

On March 25, 2023, our team had the pleasure of doing a Mission Trip in Rolling Fork, MS. after an EF-4 tornado hit our hometown and destroyed approximately 85% of the town and killed 21 people.  We immediately knew we needed to help our community because this is what Bradley would’ve done! Therefore, we hit the ground running. It was such an amazing experience, we were blessed to be able to provide the community with food, water, money, clothes, toiletries, personal items, words of encouragement and prayer.  Our main purpose was to bring glory to God and to continue to honor Bradley’s legacy. We thank God for the many donations that we received from our church family, New Destiny Christian Ministries, friends, and family.

My Husband & I were also given the awesome opportunity to visit Bradley’s Alma Mater, Norcross High School to speak with the student athletes and encourage them to stay focus & to stay away from gang activity & gun violence! 

Bradley visualized “PASCHER COLLECTION” becoming a GLOBAL BRAND!   Therefore, we have decided to continue what he started; we are devoted to keeping his legacy alive, in hopes of one day passing the torch to his young daughter when we feel she is ready!

Our Executive Team has been working extremely hard behind the scenes creating new & inspiring merchandise that our customers will love!  The Pascher Collection includes: Infants, Youths, Women and Men Apparel Collections, Hats and Accessories Collections, Pascher’s Home Collection, Pascher’s Pets Collection, A Worldwide Travel Collection, The Legacy Collection -which commemorate Bradley’s 30th Birthday, A Throwback Collection of Bradley’s Original Designs and an upcoming Alumni, Sports and A Hip Hop Collection.  Pascher Collection was so dear to Bradley, your purchase will give you a piece of “HIS HEART” to be a cherished memory forever!

A percentage of the proceeds from each line will be donated to “The Bradley L. Coleman Legacy Scholarship Foundation. To learn more about the foundation and how you can donate, please visit  https://cfneg.fcsuite.com/erp/donate/create/fund?funit_id=3904   

Each time you support Pascher Collection LLC, a percentage of the proceeds will also be donated to: “Victims who have been affected by Senseless Acts of Gun Violence and Future Mission Trips.” 


Thank you so very much for helping us keep our Dear Son’s Legacy Alive.  As Bradley would say, “GET YOUR PASCHER RIGHT!”


Venetia R. Coleman, 

CEO, Pascher Collection LLC